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Why Pay Too Much in Cyber?

Enhance Your Digital Security, hiring a part-time Certified Cybersecurity Expert, with competitive fee as low as $79/h. Perfect for SMB and start-ups with low IT budgets.

Cyber Experts

We are a team of cyber experts in the information security consultancy business. Led by Douglas Bernardini, a senior cybersecurity professional with more than 15 years of experience, we offer numerous advantages for small and medium businesses. As specialists in protecting companies from cyberattacks, we stay updated with the latest threats and solutions.

Best Practices

Our consultants bring industry best practices and can help implement policies and procedures that enhance information security. As a “low-cost” proposal, Cyber0 offers significant long-term savings by preventing data breaches and cyber-attacks, which often have higher remediation costs. By delegating information security to our experts, your company can focus on its core activities, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Effective Actions

In the event of a security incident, we provide a quick and effective response, minimizing impact and speeding up recovery. Additionally, we offer training and awareness programs for employees, strengthening the company’s information security culture.

Advanced Tools

With our extensive experience and access to advanced tools and technologies, we mitigate risks for small and medium businesses, offering lower costs but the same quality as large corporations.

Unbiased View

As an external consultancy, we provide an unbiased view of the company’s security, identifying issues that an internal team might ignore. Cybersecurity can be expensive and complex to implement internally in a small and medium business context.

High Expertise

Specialists in protecting companies from the latest cyber threats.

Threat Detection

Highly skilled in identifying and addressing system vulnerabilities.

Large Experience

Uncover weaknesses overlooked by internal teams with extensive experience.

Cost Efficiency

“Low-cost” solutions preventing breaches, saving significant long-term costs.

Core Activities

Delegating security allows focus on core business activities.

Quick Response

Quick, effective response to minimize impact and accelerate recovery.