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CIS, which stands for the Center for Internet Security, is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving cybersecurity readiness and response across public and private sectors. It offers various resources, tools, and best practices to enhance cybersecurity posture and defend against cyber threats.

One of its key offerings is the CIS Controls, a set of prioritized cybersecurity best practices covering areas such as asset management, access control, and incident response. These controls provide actionable guidance for organizations to mitigate common cyber threats.

CIS also provides CIS Benchmarks, which are consensus-based configuration guidelines for different technologies like operating systems and cloud environments. These benchmarks offer recommendations for secure configuration settings to reduce the attack surface and enhance security.

Through its SecureSuite Membership program, CIS offers access to tools like CIS-CAT Pro and CIS-CAT Lite for configuration assessment, as well as the CIS Controls Self-Assessment Tool. Members also receive alerts, guidance, and support from CIS cybersecurity experts.

CIS Solutions

CIS (Center for Internet Security) primarily provides guidance, best practices, and tools rather than specific products. However, they do offer some tools and resources to aid in cybersecurity efforts. Here are a few examples:

  1. CIS Controls: The CIS Controls are a set of cybersecurity best practices that provide prioritized actions to defend against the most prevalent cyber threats. While not a product in themselves, they serve as a framework for organizations to improve their security posture.

  2. CIS Benchmarks: CIS Benchmarks are configuration guidelines for various software and systems, including operating systems, network devices, and cloud platforms. These benchmarks provide recommended settings and configurations to enhance security and reduce vulnerabilities.

  3. CIS-CAT Pro: CIS-CAT Pro (Configuration Assessment Tool) is a tool designed to assess the conformance of systems and applications to the CIS Benchmarks. It scans systems, compares their configurations to the benchmarks, and provides reports on areas where security improvements can be made.

  4. CIS-CAT Lite: CIS-CAT Lite is a free version of the Configuration Assessment Tool, offering limited capabilities compared to CIS-CAT Pro but still providing valuable insights into security configuration compliance.

  5. CIS Controls Self-Assessment Tool: This tool allows organizations to evaluate their adherence to the CIS Controls framework. It provides a structured approach for organizations to assess their security posture and identify areas for improvement.