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Cybersecurity Specialist

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services: From Risk Assessment and Mitigation to Incident Response and Cloud Security Management

Threat Map

Evaluate the current cybersecurity posture of the organization, identify vulnerabilities, and propose risk mitigation strategies. This includes assessing both technical aspects (like network security) and non-technical aspects (like employee training and policy).

Maturity Check

Evaluates the maturity level of an organization’s cybersecurity practices and processes, guiding strategic improvements and long-term cybersecurity planning.

Incident Response Process

Offer expertise in responding to cyber breaches. This involves determining the cause of the breach, mitigating damage, recovering lost data, and strengthening systems to prevent future incidents. It may also include forensic analysis to gather evidence for legal cases.

Cybersecurity Policy Implementation

Help organizations create or refine their cybersecurity policies, procedures, and guidelines. This includes defining user access controls, incident response protocols, and security best practices.

Managed Cybersecurity Services

Offer ongoing cybersecurity support, including continuous monitoring of networks and systems, managing security updates, and responding to incidents.

Dark Web Monitoring

Scanning for and analyzing data related to your organization on the dark web. This service detects leaked or stolen information, such as credentials and sensitive data, providing alerts and guidance on preventing potential security breaches and identity theft.