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Illumio is a cybersecurity company that specializes in providing solutions for micro-segmentation and Zero Trust security. Micro-segmentation is an approach to network security that involves dividing the network into smaller segments and applying security policies and controls at a granular level to restrict lateral movement of threats.

Illumio’s flagship product is the Illumio Adaptive Security Platform (ASP), which enables organizations to create security policies based on application workloads rather than traditional network segmentation. The platform provides visibility into application traffic and dependencies across hybrid cloud and data center environments, allowing organizations to enforce fine-grained security policies to protect critical assets.

Illumio Solutions

As of my last update, Illumio primarily offers the following products and solutions:

  1. Illumio Core: Illumio Core is the company’s flagship product, offering micro-segmentation capabilities to protect critical applications and workloads. It enables organizations to create and enforce fine-grained security policies based on application behavior, rather than traditional network segmentation.

  2. Illumio Edge: Illumio Edge extends micro-segmentation to endpoints, providing visibility and control over communication flows between devices. This helps organizations protect endpoints from lateral movement and minimize the risk of breaches.

  3. Illumio Policy Compute Engine: The Policy Compute Engine is a central component of the Illumio platform, responsible for calculating and distributing security policies to enforcement points across the network. It dynamically adjusts policies based on changes in application workloads and network conditions.

  4. Illumio Policy Enforcement Compute: The Policy Enforcement Compute is responsible for enforcing security policies at the workload level, whether in physical, virtual, or cloud environments. It ensures that only authorized communication flows are allowed and helps prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.

  5. Illumio Virtual Enforcement Node: The Virtual Enforcement Node is a software-based enforcement point that runs on virtualized infrastructure, extending micro-segmentation capabilities to virtual environments. It helps organizations protect workloads in virtualized data centers and cloud environments.

These products work together to provide comprehensive visibility, control, and protection for applications and workloads across hybrid cloud and data center environments. Illumio’s solutions are designed to help organizations implement zero trust security principles and mitigate the risk of cyber threats effectively.