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Mimecast is a global cybersecurity company headquartered in London, United Kingdom, with offices and operations in various countries around the world. The company was founded in 2003 by Peter Bauer and Neil Murray with the aim of providing innovative email management and security solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Mimecast was founded on the belief that traditional email management and security approaches were insufficient to protect organizations from evolving cyber threats. The founders sought to develop cloud-based solutions that could provide comprehensive protection, ensure email continuity, and simplify email management for businesses.

Cloud-Based Platform: Mimecast’s solutions are built on a cloud-based platform, which offers scalability, flexibility, and ease of deployment for organizations of all sizes. By leveraging the cloud, Mimecast is able to deliver real-time threat protection, continuous service availability, and seamless updates and upgrades to its customers.

Mimecast Solutions

Mimecast is a cybersecurity company that specializes in cloud-based email management for businesses. The company provides a range of solutions aimed at protecting organizations from email-borne threats, ensuring email continuity, and enabling email archiving and compliance.

Key offerings and features of Mimecast include:

  1. Email Security: Mimecast offers advanced email security solutions to protect against threats such as phishing, malware, ransomware, and business email compromise (BEC). Their security services include spam filtering, threat intelligence, URL protection, attachment sandboxing, and impersonation protection to help organizations defend against a wide range of email-based attacks.

  2. Email Continuity: Mimecast’s email continuity services ensure uninterrupted access to email communications, even during outages or disruptions to email servers or services. By providing a cloud-based email archive and backup system, Mimecast enables users to continue sending and receiving emails, accessing historical messages, and maintaining productivity in the event of an email server failure or downtime.

  3. Email Archiving: Mimecast offers email archiving solutions that help organizations securely store and manage their email communications for compliance, e-discovery, and data protection purposes. Their archiving platform provides centralized storage, robust search capabilities, retention policies, and tamper-proof storage to help organizations meet regulatory requirements and legal obligations.

  4. Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Mimecast’s DLP capabilities help organizations prevent the accidental or intentional leakage of sensitive information via email. By scanning email content and attachments for sensitive data such as financial information, personally identifiable information (PII), or intellectual property, Mimecast can enforce policies to prevent data breaches and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

  5. Threat Intelligence: Mimecast leverages threat intelligence and machine learning algorithms to continuously analyze email traffic and identify emerging threats in real-time. By correlating threat data from millions of email users worldwide, Mimecast can proactively defend against new and evolving email-based threats, providing organizations with enhanced protection against cyberattacks.

  6. Compliance and e-Discovery: Mimecast helps organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements and streamline e-discovery processes by providing comprehensive email archiving, search, and retention capabilities. Their platform enables organizations to easily search and retrieve email communications, demonstrate compliance with data protection regulations, and respond to legal requests and investigations efficiently.



What is Mimecast?

Mimecast is a leading provider of cloud-based email security, archiving, and continuity solutions, offering organizations comprehensive protection against email-borne threats and data loss.

How does Mimecast help organizations protect their email communications?

Mimecast employs advanced threat detection, email filtering, and data loss prevention techniques to safeguard organizations against phishing attacks, malware, spam, and other email-borne threats.

What sets Mimecast apart from traditional email security solutions?

Mimecast’s cloud-based approach to email security provides superior scalability, flexibility, and resilience compared to traditional on-premises solutions, enabling organizations to adapt to evolving threats and business needs more effectively.

Can Mimecast help organizations comply with data protection regulations?

Yes, Mimecast offers features and capabilities to help organizations comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA by providing email encryption, archiving, and audit trail functionality to protect sensitive information and ensure regulatory compliance.

How does Mimecast ensure the availability and continuity of email services?

Mimecast’s email continuity services ensure uninterrupted access to email communications during planned or unplanned outages, helping organizations maintain productivity and business continuity.

Does Mimecast offer protection against ransomware attacks?

Yes, Mimecast provides advanced protection against ransomware attacks by scanning email attachments and URLs for malicious content, blocking suspicious emails, and offering backup and recovery solutions to mitigate the impact of ransomware incidents.

Can Mimecast integrate with existing email infrastructure and security solutions?

Yes, Mimecast seamlessly integrates with popular email platforms such as Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Google Workspace, as well as with other security solutions, to enhance email security and streamline management workflows.

How does Mimecast help organizations combat social engineering attacks like CEO fraud?

Mimecast’s targeted threat protection features include impersonation protection and URL rewriting to defend against social engineering attacks, such as CEO fraud and business email compromise, by identifying and blocking suspicious email activities.

What industries and sectors benefit most from Mimecast’s email security solutions?

Mimecast’s email security solutions are beneficial for organizations across various industries, including finance, healthcare, legal, education, and government, where email communications are critical and cybersecurity risks are prevalent.

Does Mimecast offer support and training for its customers?

Yes, Mimecast provides comprehensive customer support, training programs, and resources, including online training courses, technical documentation, and dedicated support channels, to help customers maximize the effectiveness of its email security solutions and mitigate email-related risks.

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