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Splunk Conf 22

June 13-16, 2022, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas

Splunk .conf22 was a significant event organized by Splunk Inc., a leading data platform for security and observability. This hybrid event marked Splunk’s 13th annual user conference and attracted a broad audience, including 12,500 attendees, over 60 sponsors, and more than 1,800 partners.

The conference offered a variety of activities and opportunities for learning, including over 200 technical breakout sessions across five tracks. These sessions, along with hands-on workshops and product demos, were geared towards helping attendees understand how to utilize data more effectively and unlock innovation within their organizations. 

Boss of the SOC (BOSS) Event

Unique event at Splunk .conf22, described as a jeopardy-style, capture-the-flag-esque activity. Participants used Splunk’s Security Suite to address real-world challenges that security analysts face. The event emphasized practical skills in Splunk as well as open-source intelligence (OSINT) research. This activity was designed not only to test Splunk expertise but also to encourage creative problem-solving and investigation skills in cybersecurity​​.

New Enhancements to Splunk’s Security Platform

Splunk introduced updates to its unified security and observability platform, aiming to improve end-to-end visibility, quicken investigation and action, and provide greater extensibility for solving data-centric issues. Key Features of the Updates: Notable advancements included updates to Splunk Enterprise 9.0 and Splunk Cloud Platform. These enhancements facilitated easier data source access, faster operationalization of insights, and improved security and scalability of deployments​​.