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Trellix was a software company founded in 1995 by Dan Bricklin, co-creator of the first electronic spreadsheet program, VisiCalc. Trellix primarily focused on developing website creation and management software aimed at making web publishing accessible to a broader audience.

Their flagship product was Trellix Web, which provided users with easy-to-use tools for designing, building, and maintaining websites without needing to know HTML or other web programming languages. Trellix Web included features such as drag-and-drop page editing, templates, and built-in publishing capabilities.

In 2003, Trellix was acquired by, a provider of web hosting and online marketing services. The Trellix brand and products were subsequently integrated into’s offerings, and over time, the Trellix name gradually faded from use as consolidated its various services under its own brand.

Trellix Solutions

Trellix primarily focused on developing software tools for creating and managing websites. Their main products included:

  1. Trellix Web: This was a website creation and management software suite designed for small businesses and individuals. It provided easy-to-use tools for building and maintaining websites without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

  2. Trellix Site Builder: A component of Trellix Web, this tool allowed users to create professional-looking websites using pre-designed templates and customizable layouts.

  3. Trellix Web Express: Another website creation tool offered by Trellix, Web Express provided a simplified interface for quickly building basic websites with minimal effort.

Trellix was acquired by EarthLink, an internet service provider, in 2003. The products were eventually integrated into EarthLink’s suite of services, but they may have undergone changes or been discontinued since then, as the technology landscape evolves rapidly.



  1. What is Trellix?

    Trellix is an innovative project management platform designed to streamline collaboration, optimize workflows, and enhance productivity for teams and organizations of all sizes.

  2. How does Trellix facilitate project management and collaboration?

    Trellix provides a user-friendly interface with customizable boards, lists, and cards, enabling teams to organize tasks, track progress, and communicate effectively in real-time.

  3. What makes Trellix stand out from other project management tools?

    Trellix offers a seamless user experience with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, automation features, and integrations with popular productivity apps, empowering teams to work smarter and achieve their goals efficiently.

  4. Can Trellix adapt to different project management methodologies?

    Yes, Trellix is highly flexible and supports various project management methodologies, including Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and Waterfall, allowing teams to choose the approach that best suits their project requirements.

  5. How does Trellix ensure data security and privacy?

    Trellix prioritizes data security and privacy, implementing robust encryption, access controls, and compliance measures to protect sensitive information and maintain user trust.

  6. Does Trellix offer features for remote and distributed teams?

    Yes, Trellix is well-suited for remote and distributed teams, offering collaboration tools such as shared boards, file attachments, and real-time updates, enabling seamless communication and coordination regardless of geographical location.

  7. Can Trellix integrate with other business software and tools?

    Absolutely, Trellix offers extensive integrations with popular business software and tools, including communication platforms, cloud storage services, and project management applications, enhancing interoperability and workflow efficiency.

  8. How does Trellix support project transparency and accountability?

    Trellix promotes transparency and accountability by providing visibility into project progress, task ownership, and deadlines, fostering a culture of accountability and enabling stakeholders to stay informed and engaged.

  9. Is Trellix suitable for both small teams and large enterprises?

    Yes, Trellix is scalable and adaptable, catering to the needs of small teams, startups, and large enterprises alike, offering features and pricing plans tailored to accommodate different organizational structures and workflows.

  10. What industries and sectors can benefit from using Trellix?

    Trellix is suitable for a wide range of industries and sectors, including technology, marketing, education, healthcare, and more, empowering teams across diverse domains to collaborate effectively and achieve success in their projects.

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